The ART Center (Route 606): place of ART consultation and monitoring activity

  • front desk: Registration of our patients for various consultations.
  • the AMP nurses’ office where blood tests are performed every morning, medications are dispensed, patients are enrolled in the cycle, and cycle explanations are provided.
  • the consultation and ultrasound rooms of the doctors where daily ultrasounds, inseminations, consultations and your first pregnancy ultrasound take place
  • the andrology laboratory

Our operating room and in vitro fertilization laboratory

The ART laboratory is located on the 6th floor next to our operating room. Hospitalization takes place as One Day Medical (Route 506)

Our administrative secretariat

reachable by phone or email


Outside the CHU Saint-Pierre, the ART center offers:

  • a consultation within the Iris Sud hospitals on the Ixelles site
  • a consultation at Brugmann Hospital on the Horta site
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