Egg preservation
If you currently do not have a desire to have a child or are undergoing a medical treatment that may be harmful to your fertility, egg freezing may be an option for you.

Egg preservation

This is therefore to preserve your fertility if you currently have no plans for pregnancy or if you are going to undergo a potentially gonadotoxic treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, or hormonal therapy).

It is recommended to do this before the age of 36 to increase the chances of success, as the quality and quantity of eggs decrease with age.

You can contact our secretariat to schedule an appointment with a gynecologist and a psychologist from our center to discuss your plan. They will explain to you the steps to take if you decide to proceed with freezing your eggs.

How is egg freezing performed?

You will have a consultation with one of our gynecologists, who will explain the procedure, the different medications and the surgical intervention, as well as the possible (but rare) complications. You will also have an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss practical aspects.

The treatment is done through injections for a period of about 10 to 15 days, followed by an egg retrieval in the operating room.

What are the costs?

This treatment is not covered by health insurance. During your consultation with the gynecologist, they will provide you with a detailed quote, with or without Belgian health insurance.

In the case of egg preservation before a gonadotoxic treatment, there is a convention (“oncofreezing”) with the INAMI, which covers the costs before the age of 38 for women with health insurance. In this case, it is possible to freeze eggs and/or embryos (if the patient is in a relationship).

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