Sperm bank
When a gamete donation is necessary, there is the option of anonymous donation or directed donation (a known donor).

Sperm banke

The sperm bank is a solution for couples or single women who need a gamete donation. There are two types of donations: anonymous or directed (with a known donor).

Unfortunately, Belgium is facing a shortage of sperm donors. Therefore, we collaborate with foreign sperm banks, mainly in Denmark. However, a sperm bank is also available at the CHU Saint Pierre in Belgium.

Becoming an anonymous donor

If you wish to become an anonymous donor, do not hesitate to contact our secretariat to arrange an appointment with one of our doctors. Be aware that various medical examinations are required to be authorized to donate.

We are aware that the decision to donate gametes can be a difficult one to make, but know that your contribution can help many couples achieve their dream of having a child.

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