Many laws and/or royal decrees frame the practice of assisted reproductive technology in Belgium.

In Belgium

  • Royal Decree of February 15, 1999, sets the standards that “reproductive medicine” care programs must meet to be approved
    • 18 B-centers (with lab) and 16 A-centers (without lab)
    • We are part of the B-centers
  • Royal Decree of June 4, 2003, sets the conditions for reimbursement of in vitro fertilization:
    • Before the age of 43
    • 6 reimbursed attempts
    • Regulation of the number of transferred embryo(s)
  • Law of July 6, 2007
    • Concerning medically assisted reproduction and the future of surplus embryos and gametes
    • Author(s) of the parental project
    • Signing of a convention/agreement
    • Age conditions for the woman
    • Possibility for a center to refuse a request on grounds of medical reasons or a conscience clause
    • Storage period of gametes/embryos
    • Future of surplus gametes/embryos
    • Questions regarding the donation of gametes/embryos
    • Conditions for post-mortem insemination
    • Condition for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  • Law of December 19, 2008 on the procurement and use of human body material (HBM) intended for medical applications in humans or for scientific research
    • Royal decrees relating to quality management, traceability, equipment validation, …
  • Law of May 5, 2014 concerning the establishment of the parentage of the co-mother:
    • The establishment of parentage with regard to the co-mother is carried out in the same way as the establishment of parentage with regard to the father

For patients of another nationality

In the case where the author(s) of the parental project have a different nationality, the laws of their country will prevail, and it is therefore recommended to contact a lawyer who can provide you with the necessary information.

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