As a pioneer in the French-speaking and Brussels area, the assisted reproductive center of the Saint-Pierre University Hospital was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in October 2008. This certificate symbolizes the motivation and real commitment to improving the care of our patients. Since then, every year, we have been striving to improve ourselves and have now developed a real quality management system within our team.

Quality guarantee

This enables us to provide our patients with comprehensive and secure care, while aiming for excellence in their satisfaction.

Concretely, what does this entail?

  • We respect all legal requirements.
  • We write and adhere to strict procedures at all levels of care.
  • We record and strive to find solutions to all the problems we encounter.
  • We ensure complete documentary and biological traceability.
  • We record and try to find solutions to all the problems we encounter.
  • We train ourselves every year to maintain up-to-date levels of competence in scientific, technical, and quality knowledge.
  • We evaluate the quality of our work through performance indicators and satisfaction surveys.
  • We communicate through weekly team meetings.
  • We implement projects focused on the patient.
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