Embryo Transfer
This involves the placement of one or more embryos into the uterine cavity, using a catheter.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is a crucial step in the in vitro fertilization process. Following fertilization in the lab and embryo culture, the transfer will be carried out using a thin catheter that is introduced into the uterine cavity. The aim is to transfer one or more embryos into the uterus.


The number of embryos transferred is limited in Belgium to avoid multiple pregnancies. Indeed, the health of the mother and the babies is at risk in the case of multiple pregnancies. The number of embryos transferred depends on the patient’s age and the number of attempts already made. Our professionals will provide you with all the necessary information during the consultation.

Non-transferred embryos

Embryos that are not transferred during the first attempt and that are progressive and of good quality can be frozen for a later transfer. Cryopreservation of embryos provides the opportunity to plan for another attempt in the future, without having to undergo the process of ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval again.

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